The Haltom's difference

At Haltom's Fine Jewelers, we are at your service to help you choose the Rolex watch that best suits you, within the wide range or Rolex timepieces. Our stores in Fort Worth, and Grapevine Texas only sell guaranteed Rolex timepieces.

The Haltom's Difference - Our Rolex Team

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Haltom’s Jewelers is honored to be a valued company within the global network of Official Rolex Jewelers. Our dedicated team is highly trained in all areas of Rolex expertise, and we are enthusiastic about our commitment to every customer’s in-store experience at Haltom’s. With many decades of partnership with Rolex, everyone at Haltom’s appreciates the balance and relationship between a Rolex timepiece and our customer.


Finding the perfect timepiece is our goal for every Haltom’s customer and we feel there is a unique Rolex for every personal style and interest. The wide array of models, from Submariner to Datejust to Day-Date, allows us to demonstrate so many ways a Rolex can be the perfect fit for your lifestyle and personal style. The different features and benefits of a Rolex watch are always carefully demonstrated at Haltom’s to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and many happy years of wear and enjoyment.

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Haltoms CampBowie Fort Worth RSWI 21 3 AR
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As a 128-year old jeweler, we take pride in the decades of service and generations of families we’ve helped here at Haltom’s. This dedication to our customers is the perfect match for the precision and quality of a Rolex timepiece. Haltom’s and Rolex share a rich history and we value the trust our customers have in us from the first purchase to the years of service.


Our dedicated team of experts are here to guide you through your purchase as well as assisting in repairs, restoration and appraisal services. Always striving to learn and improve, our staff is consistently learning and training with our Rolex colleagues to provide the most informative and complete attention. Our goal is for every customer to enjoy their experience exploring the world of Rolex at Haltom’s. Please contact us at our Sundance Square or Camp Bowie Boulevard locations to make an appointment with one of our Rolex Specialists. We look forward to welcoming you into our stores.

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Haltoms CampBowie Fort Worth RSWI 53 3 Mobile